Warranty Registration

Thank you for your purchase

Please note all warranty claims must be handled through the store where you purchased your product.  The warranty does not affect your statutory rights or the obligations of your retailer and your contract with them.  Please refer to the warranty Conditions below: WARRANTY DETAILS
  • A purchase receipt must be presented in each case showing the date of purchase.
  • The product is to be used in accordance with the comprehensive owner’s manual.
  • The conditions of the warranty require that your machine is serviced annually by an approved Service Dealer.
Warranty Exclusions
  • Failure due to normal wear & tear.
  • Damage due to misuse, neglect, improper storage or transport.
  • Damage due to improper or lack of correct maintenance.
  • Damage due to the use of fuels and lubricants which don’t meet proper
  • Damage due to contaminated fuel.
The following parts are considered to need adjustment or replacement in the course of normal operation: They are not covered by warranty: Batteries, Bearing, Belts, Brake Parts, Cables, Carburetor Cleaning, Saw Chains, Cutting Blades, Sprockets, Guide Bars, Fuel and Oil Hoses, Filters, Strimmer Cord, Tyres, Spark Plugs and various other consumable items.  MACHINE CARE & INFORMATION Regular servicing has many advantages for you and your machine. It maximises the machines performance and efficiency. It also eliminates the chances of machine breakdown and increases the lifespan of your machine. Your machine may need more regular and frequent servicing if it is used on testing or in difficult conditions.  SERVICE RECORD You are required under the conditions of warranty to provide proof of regular servicing as outlined in the Warranty Details.

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