Shelton Abbey Prison choose our commercial Pellenc Range!!

Shelton Abbey Prison choose our commercial Pellenc Range!!

June 2021 – On a sunny Tuesday morning this week we hit the road for Shelton Abbey Prison in Co. Wicklow to deliver a selection of products from our fantastic Pellenc commercial range.

The Pellenc battery powered tools are the perfect choice for maintaining their 25 acre grounds. The lawnmowers alone offer a fantastic 5-6 hours work on a full charge and with a 4 year warranty on batteries and 3 years on tools we think they certainly made the right choice.

Noise won’t be an issue here either as the Pellenc range does not go above 75 decibels eliminating the need for ear protection. Declan was on hand to meet us and try out the tools for himself and was super impressed with the entire range and their simplicity of use.

Best of luck to Shelton Abbey with the new members to their team, we know they have made a great decision here to invest in the Pellenc range.

BIG thanks to John from Waste Compactor Services for the business and thanks to Declan and the gang for the delicious coffee and chocolate. Camsaw wishes you the best of luck with your new machinery.

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