Helion ALPHA Hedge Trimmer

Helion ALPHA Hedge Trimmer

The Helion ALPHA hedge trimmer packs an onboard 260 battery, allowing for up to four hours of consistent use. This trimmer can make cuts up to 33 mm in diameter and is primed with a centre of gravity for perfect balance. This makes for a better working posture.

The precision and ergonomic design of the Helion ALPHA hedge trimmer is what keeps professionals coming back, but it helps that there is no exhaust and no petrol to burn either. 

The silence of the Helion ALPHA hedge trimmer is one of the key selling points. Battery power not only eases the operation, it can be tracked using a display on the trimmer that also manages tool start-up.

Stocked with three speeds (3,200, 3,500, and 3,800 cuts per minutes) and featuring an additional ergonomic handle for modifying the trimmer blades. The Helion ALPHA hedge trimmer is just the thing to push landscapers away from petrol-based tools once and for all.

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