Excelion ALPHA Grass Strimmer

Excelion ALPHA Grass Strimmer

Petrol machines may be on the way out thanks to the Excelion ALPHA grass strimmer, a beautiful and professional tool. The strimmer features a 520 onboard battery offering an average of three hours of use. The motor speed clocks in at an impressive 6,400 rpm.

The Excelion ALPHA Grass Strimmer’s new design provides users with unique movement potential and speed. The carrying strap helps hold your position, while an adjustable round handle turns to allow for more resourceful handling. This helps achieve top-quality work in hard-to-reach areas, such as lawn edges where a traditional tool cannot reach.

The Excelion ALPHA grass strimmer is versatile enough to work wonders in rough spots like tall grass and more sensitive places around trees and shrubs. 

Easy to operate, light to handle, comfortable to carry, the Excelion ALPHA Grass Strimmer has all the benefits landscapers have been searching for – with none of the petrol.

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