Camsaw Appointed Exclusive Distributor of the Segway Navimow in Republic of Ireland

Segway have launched their multi award winning Navimow robotic mower in Ireland, revolutionising the future of the robotic mower industry.

In 2023 the launch of the Segway Navimow into the Irish market is set to revolutionise the robotic mower industry as we know it. Although supremely advanced in its design and AI led technology, setting up and using the Navimow couldn’t be easier with user friendly smart app control and perfectly manicured lawns achievable at the touch of a button. The Navimow’s advanced Exact Fusion Locating System and AI Vision Fence Sensor technology have propelled the Segway Navimow to the very forefront of must-have garden robotic mowers. With multiple awards already under its belt and a host of innovative features the Segway Navimow has quickly placed itself ahead of all its competition.

User friendly app with easy set up & no perimeter wires

The easy to use Navimow app provides the user perfect lawn care with just a tap. Following just a few simple steps users can find detailed tutorial videos and easy to follow guidelines that make Navimow setup a breeze to complete.

Simply download the app from the App Store or Play Store and avoid the hassle of laying boundary wire in your lawn by mapping out a virtual boundary in the app. With no perimeter wires, set up is a breeze. 

The Navimow follows systematic routes & provides efficient work with flawless cutting. Navimow is built to adapt quickly, so even when the lawn layout changes, you can quickly and easily redefine the virtual boundary to reflect those changes. The user can remote operate and monitor the mower with ease from anywhere at any time. Over-the-air (OTA) updates can be downloaded any time with just a tap in the app & in addition users can easily check the real-time mower status, adjust the mowing schedule or even set an anti-theft alarm.

Ultra low noise levels, fully waterproof & completely safe

Designed for a lawn area of up to 3,000 square metres, the Segway Navimow is one of the most intelligent, quietest, and safest mowers on the market. With an operating noise level of just 54dB(A),just a bit higher than an electric toothbrush the Navimow is by far the quietest mower on the market. The noise level is so low it is barely audible and compared to push and riding mowers you will barely hear it working. 

It has an IPX6 waterproof level which provides powerful protection against heavy sprays of water. You can easily wash it clean with a garden hose and can operate it confidently in the damp Irish climate. 

Safety is an integral part to the Navimow design with multiple built in safety sensors, including an IMU and Lift sensor for front and rear lifting & Ultrasonic and Bump sensors for obstacle avoidance. The Blade-Halt sensor provides an extra layer of safety, stopping the blades if an object has contact with the sensing area.

Equipped for complex terrains & fitted with electric cutting height adjustment

Two hub motors are installed into the wheels to ensure stronger climbing capability. The uniquely designed rubber tires also provide strong grip. Because of this, the Navimow can easily handle slopes of up to 45% and handle complex lawns.

Navimow is equipped with an electric motor for the blade disc. There are 7 blade disc height positions available from 30 mm to 60 mm and can easily be adjusted through the Navimow app.

Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) & AI Vision Fence Sensor technology

The GNSS base station antenna and the Navimow can receive the signals from the satellites. Meanwhile, the charging station transmits the signals between the mower and the base station. This simultaneous data analysis minimises transmission-related errors. 

EFLS fuses satellite-based positioning with data from multiple sensors including the gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic compass, barometer & odometer guaranteeing highly accurate positioning. The mower cuts systematically within the virtual boundary mapped out by EFLS, delivering a revolutionary mowing experience.

The automatic mowing path optimization system allows the Navimow to select the optimal mowing path and automatically change the mowing direction after completing a round of mowing. This helps avoid the traces left by repeated mowing paths and keeps your lawn in a healthier growth environment.

With its advanced AI inside, VisionFence Sensor it enables your Navimow to detect various objects and mow even more intelligently. 

Thanks to the advanced visual recognition algorithm, the sensor can recognise obstacles more effectively. With the VisionFence Sensor, Navimow can recognise and actively avoid objects within 1.5 m ahead and larger than 0.1 m in diameter. Consequently, some objects such as trees and flowerpots can be avoided without being set as off-limit islands. 

When the satellite signal is weak in areas with challenging layouts, the VisionFence Sensor can identify the lawn’s edge and allow the Navimow to keep mowing the lawn. The VisionFence Sensor has a wide detection range with a distance of 5 m and a wide angle of 140 degrees and will even capture moving objects and react in time.

Compatible with all Navimow H-series products, the VisionFence Sensor is super easy to set up and receives software updates through your Wi-Fi connection. An IPX7 waterproof level also ensures full protection and provides for ease of cleaning.

George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow BU, commented: “Segway has applied its extensive robotics knowledge to products ranging from self-balancing scooters to delivery robots, and we first entered the lawnmowing robotics market in 2021. Last year, we delivered the Navimow in 12 countries in Europe. First-hand feedbacks from thousands of users helped us continuously optimize our product. Many new features are added in response to users’ requests, like partial adjustment of the virtual boundary, night mode, etc.”

“Navimow customers avoid the hassle of perimeter wires and can be confident their mower will follow a pre-determined route, only veering off course to avoid unexpected obstacles. With Navimow and our latest VisionFence Sensor, we have delivered a robotic lawnmower that is intuitive, intelligent, and independent. Navimow’s advanced understanding of its surroundings and ability to adapt to unexpected scenarios make the user’s life as simple as possible, as they barely lift a finger to achieve the perfect lawn.”

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